We Care

This site is a volunteer effort from hypnotherapists to support our respected colleagues who are medical practitioners. 

Group and private sessions are offered by certified hypnotherapists with at least 3 years experience of working with clients. Recordings are curated by founding members of this ad-hoc group. 

If you enjoy and benefit from any of the sessions, groups or recordings here, please let us know!  Of course, we also appreciate it when you follow to our individual sites, to leave a testimonial or make a direct purchase when you can.

None of our offerings are diagnostic in nature, nor a substitute for licensed medical care. We often work hand-in-hand with medical professionals, who find that hypnosis often improves client compliance, motivation and results.


Society may flatten the curve, but we'll still be here to help you keep going. Sometimes it's the first quiet moment when the emotions finally bubble up -- we can help you find a safe place to let them flow. 

Thank you for the work you do. 


Feedback to Corona Care Support



Stephanie Voss, CHt

I'm a certified clinical hypnotherapist in Los Angeles, California and a founding member of Corona Care Support.


I specialize in pain and stress relief as well as habit control. I've taught Mind-Body Pain Management techniques to nurses for CEU credit at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, CA and childbirth hypnosis to expectant parents. I'm also specially trained in evidence-based protocols that offer relief for IBS, TMJ and insomnia. 

As a former adrenaline junkie (foreign correspondent, private investigator, truss-spot operator), I appreciate both the excitement and exhaustion of being the kind of person who rushes toward, rather than away from, danger.  

Kelley Woods, CCHt

Hypnotist, author and founder of the Hypnotic Women, a networking and mentoring group of hypnotherapists, Kelley Woods works often with clients on medical and performance issues. 

Kelley has a special gift for working with children and teens and adds an element of playfulness that adult clients appreciate. She works with people all over the world from her home in beautiful Anacortes, Washington. 

She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and has been helping clients since 2002. 


Aléna Guest, CHt

Alena Guest had the rare privilege of working bedside with patients as the staff  hypnotherapist at the Mendocino Coast District Hospital before opening a private practice in Fort Bragg, California. She taught medical hypnosis at MCDH, as well as at conferences for the International Medical and Dental Association and Hypnothoughts Live. 

Ms. Guest also specializes in using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to assist clients with anxiety, panic attacks and trauma. She has made over 700 guided visualization recordings to help clients and others face a wide range of issues.  And along with penning articles for Unlimited Human, The Fort Bragg Advocate News, Real Estate Magazine and the Noyo River Review, Alena recently published her memoir, Ravishing.


Frances O'Brien, CHt

I am a certified hypnotherapist and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner with a private practice in Tarzana, California.  In addition, I speak on and conduct workshops in Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Guided Imagery Meditation, all-natural Stress Release Techniques, and Law of Attraction. 

Specialties include assisting clients to release stress, increase self-confidence and self-esteem, enjoy life more, and achieve vocational and avocational self-improvement.


Honors certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, May 2013.


Roger Moore, CHt

Roger Moore has more than 45 years experience in counseling and the delivery of healthcare services. He has been in private practice since 1997 specializing in Medical Hypnosis.

Roger works in cancer centers, hospitals and is known world-wide as an expert in Medical Hypnosis for Autoimmune Disease, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Dementia, End-of-Life, Hypertension and Weight Loss.

His recording Orange Blossom is used to help patients prepare for, and recover from, surgical procedures quickly and easily. 


While he is unable to offers sessions via our online scheduling link, Roger is working with many clients dealing with the aftermath of COVID-19 infection and may be able to make room for health care providers who contact him directly at his Palm Desert practice at (760) 219-8079.


Judith Simon Prager, PhD, CHt

Renowned author of the "The Worst Is Over," known as the bible of patient-communication guidance, Judith Prager is a hypnotist, healer, speaker and teacher of writing. 

Having been a novelist, journalist, television writer, advertiser and teacher, Judith says she learned the power of words and determined to use her skills for good. 

Her generous contribution to COVID-19 care includes a page of offerings to promote self-soothing. These include videos and recordings to guide you through tapping and other  psychosensory techniques for calming. 

Check out Judith's Resources for the Time of COVID-19 at: https://toolkit.judithprager.com/


Lindsay Heath, CHt

Based in Berkshire in the UK, Lindsay is a clinical hypnotherapist and healer. Lindsay uses a wide range of techniques working with her clients, and in particular enjoys supporting people with anxiety and low self-esteem as well as helping those with CFS/ME on their road to recovery.

Lindsay has a range of qualifications including a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and a Certificate in Energy Healing.


Racquel Knight, CHt

Racquel Knight is a certified hypnotist, integrative life and health coach and has trained in Rapid Resolution Therapy, neurolinguistic programming, and other rapid healing protocols.  Racquel founded Hypnosis Columbia in 2013 and has helped clients to release trauma, addictions, stress, fears and phobias — AND — to create a sense of power and control, healing, balance, freedom, power, and joy in their lives.

Racquel served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force as a linguist and an analyst, employs a client centered approach, and can help you to achieve your goals and desired outcomes. Originally from California, Racquel has lived all over the world and moved to Columbia, Maryland in 2002. Her daughter, Rhian, serves as a law enforcement officer on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. 


Lisa Dewey, CHt

Lisa Dewey  is a certified hypnotherapist with a private practice in Southern California. In addition to her one-on-one work with clients, she brings hypnotherapy and other mental health tools to businesses and non-profits. 

As the events of the world seem to be activating a lot of past hurts and traumas, Lisa finds in her work an opportunity to do some really deep healing.

The external world might feel completely out of control these days, but your internal world doesn’t have to. Lisa specializes in helping teach people to take control of their mental, emotional and spiritual well-being so that the infinite possibility of the universe can flow through in a whole new way.