Corona Care Stress Relief Groups

Our flagship offering is an hour-long workshop for first responders and medical staff working with Corona patients. It's a good way to shake off the day so you can face tomorrow refreshed.

Breathe. Relax. Connect.

Our free online group sessions may use relaxation, imagery and hypnosis to guide you to more positive states.  This is not talk therapy - we leave the stories of the day behind. Boosting the relaxation response allows for clearer thinking, can improve immune system balance and raise morale.

When the coping skills you have are being stretched to the limit, we can add a few more. Some may also be helpful for your patients. 

Our Zoom meetings let you choose your level of participation. Many people prefer to use headsets for privacy and a more intimate feel when listening to guided imagery, but it's not necessary. Some people connect with cameras and microphones for the first few minutes, as we get a sense connection, and then turn them off to engage their imaginations more deeply (and get comfortable). Others just join by phone. 

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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

This one hour session guides you through three steps to restore balance:

     *  Calming and centering in the present

     *  Releasing images, thoughts and emotions from the past 
     *  Stepping into a more helpful state  of your choice

In our weekly workshops for the general community, participants have chosen: 
    Calm, Peace, Serenity, Patience, Curiosity, Rest, Neutrality and Hope.



Medical Hypnotherapist & Instructor

Melissa's Groups feature quick, easy, effective stress release tools.  NONE CURRENTLY SCHEDULED.