Recordings To Download

General Relaxation

This 27-minute hypnotic relaxation recording has been used by hundreds to reset their well-being.

For best results, listen daily for 2 weeks. 

More about Roger Moore, HERE.

The situation may be out of your control -- but your reaction is not. Tap into your inner resources with this clear, friendly guidance. 

More about Alena Guest HERE.

This beautiful guide to relaxation has led clients to powerful personal shifts.  

More about Judith Simon Prager, renowned author of "Verbal First Aid" and "The Worst Is Over"  HERE.

This 20-minute hypnotic relaxation recording guides you into a comfortable state. Let go of the stress of the day, reset and refresh your energy. 

More about Stephanie Voss HERE.

Corona-Specific Recordings

This 30-minute recording is designed for nurses, caregivers, doctors and first responders. Follow the friendly voice into a deep relaxation where you can re-connect to your best self.

You'll create an anchor to make it easier to step into your calm power whenever you choose.

More about Kelley Woods HERE.

This recording guides you through a process to erase all of the negative images, emotions and reactions from your last shift(s) so you can return home and begin work again refreshed and renewed.


A brief introductory track for one-time guidance plus a 24-minute session to rewind and erase the negative that you can use daily, if you like.

More about Stephanie Voss HERE.

Sleeping Well

Track 1 introduces you to the process of becoming a better sleeper. Listen to it once. 

Track 2 guides you through physical and mental relaxation so you can let go of the day. You might be suprised at how easy it can be to allow the music and imagery to escort you into the land of dreams.

More about Stephanie Voss HERE.

Immune System Boost

This is for those of us who are feeling worry, panic or fear in the midst of the current COVID19 emergency. This 20-minute guided meditation will help you to connect to your inner calm, power and strength, release fear and boost your immune system.  

The gentle music and soothing words will transform your day.

Learn more about Lindsay HERE.


This little jingle encourages your immune system to be INVINCIBLE and to heal quickly when needed. Hypnotherapist Stephanie Voss created it for herself years ago, to end a cycle of worrying herself into catching the flu each year.

Focusing on images of strength and healing (what Dr. Herbert Benson calls "remembered wellness") made a difference. 

Plus it's fun!